Changing the Face of Social Media at Sheridan

Blog Feature Image Shamelle Sutton and Justin Szostak help lead Sheridan's new Social Community Leader program
Blog Feature Image SCL Vanessa Teran
Blog Feature Image SCL Harrisson Joseph

In the fall of 2015, Sheridan launched its Social Community Leader (SCL) program to help improve engagement on its social media platforms. Shamelle Sutton and Justin Szostak, Business co-op students turned part-time Sheridan employees in the Marketing department, work with SCLs to develop content for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. This new, authentic approach to day-to-day communications on social media has been resonating well with those who have an ear on Sheridan’s channels.

Click the image below to listen to the audio story about the new program on SoundCloud.

SCL story on SoundCloud

To learn more about the Social Community Leader program and the other SCLs, click here.

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