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Lorraine Cipparrone, Professor

It is the start of the new semester. As I watch the students slowly shuffle into my classroom, I begin to wonder what the next 14 weeks will bring. I smile and say hello to them, ask them how their holidays were and we all chat about the most mundane topics. Those are the conversations we need to have before the learning begins. My classroom isn’t just about the academic topic of the day but about life itself.

I’ve been called tough. I’ve been called mean. But I’ve been told that I am fair and that I truly care, which is why they keep coming back. I try to mimic the Sheridan mentors of my past when I think back to my life as a student walking the halls. The professors who took the time to learn my name and guide me when I had a question about issues outside of the material are the ones who stick in my mind.

“This is it before I turn them out into the world to begin their careers or to continue their learning” – Lorraine Cipparrone

This semester will be bitter sweet.  My students are in their final semester.  This is it before I turn them out into the world to begin their careers or to continue their learning.  These are the final weeks where I can impart not only technical skills but all those little things that will make or break them in the post Sheridan world. In 14 weeks, I will be one of their biggest fans as I watch each and every one of them walk the stage and receive their diploma– the day their Sheridan chapter closes and the next chapter in their lives begin. It is a reminder to me that it is not always about the textbook, the PowerPoint slides or even the final exam. It is about the students. It is about my students.

Written by: Lorraine Cipparrone, pictured above, Professor in Sheridan’s Pilon School of Business.


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