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Sheridan College alumnus Mark Bone

I graduated from the Media Arts Program at Sheridan in 2010, where I specialized in Documentary and Stereoscopic 3D filmmaking. In mid 2011, I was asked to work on the IMAX movie Flight of the Butterflies as a DIT (Digital Image Technologist). The film chronicles the extraordinary yearly migration of the Monarch Butterfly. Every September Monarchs travel thousands of kilometres from Canada down to one specific mountain in Michoacan, Mexico. The forested mountain top annually becomes a winter home for tens of millions of Monarchs. We shot for a couple weeks in Toronto and then traveled down to Mexico following the Monarch’s migration patterns. It was an incredible experience being surrounded by millions of Monarch butterflies knowing the arduous two-month journey they had just experienced to arrive on the mountaintop.  We trekked up 11,000 feet above sea level with all of our IMAX camera systems and captured some never-before-seen footage of the Monarchs within their Mexican ecosystem.  After wrapping up filming in Mexico I was invited by Director Mike Slee to take part in the editing of the film. I was able to extensively implement my stereoscopic 3D skill-set to support the entire editing process over the next 16 months. After assisting the feature length edit I was granted a lead editor position on an alternative, shorter version of the film that appears in select theatres. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to collaborate with such experienced and talented filmmakers. Flight of the Butterflies has now gone on to win numerous awards worldwide and continues to play on large format screens in dozens of countries.  Being able to work on a feature length Stereoscopic film that is also a fascinating Documentary has been an experience I will never forget.

Flight of the Butterflies was produced by Canadian production company, SK Films. It is currently playing in Toronto at the Ontario Science Centre and worldwide in select theatres.

Photo credit and story author: Mark Bone, Sheridan Media Arts alumnus.


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